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BREAKING NEWS: DiGi mobile games contest!
THE Mobile Games Competition by cellular service operator DiGi Telecommunications will begin soon, company officials told In.Tech last week.

The contest will be open to all DiGi subscribers with Java-enabled and Symbian handsets.

The games are expected to be single and multiplayer types covering genres such as sports, arcade and action.

DiGi announced that the competition would consist of preliminary rounds followed by a final to be held in the Klang Valley in December.

No date and venue has been set at this time, the company said.

Keep checking www.digi.com.my for more details on the competition.

“Winners in each category or genre will receive a mobile phone plus a cash prize, the value of which we are still finalising,” said Jerome Teh, DiGi senior manager and head of value-added services. – CHARLES F. MOREIRA