Hello Social Software Readers!

What could be more social than making my first post here an introduction to myself? My name is Marshall Kirkpatrick and I’ve just been brought on to the Social Software team. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon, I’m 29 years old and have been doing independent consulting on Web 2.0 technologies for non profit groups and small businesses. My personal blog is at Marshallk.com and I also do interviews at the non profit technology assistance project Net Squared.

My primary interest right now are in the intersection of new tools – I love seeing RSS, tagging and IM put together, OPML has got me excited in the past week, etc. I’m interested in seeing the user base expand to make these technolgies as social as possible and to see the content available through them go beyond “tech for its own sake.”

On this blog, though, I’ll be using those interests as a filter through which to discuss the tech itself. I presume that’s what readers come here for – to learn about new software options as they become available so that they can be leveraged for whatever varied purposes readers see fit in their own lives and work.

I’m also interested in highlighting the best new options made available by existing vendors in the social software space – so check back here often for highlights from and reflections on breaking news from services you already know and love.

I hope we can have an exciting time together here and I look forward to brining you news and analysis that will be truly useful for your engagement with what’s called Web 2.0.

Read also reviews on different softwares – social, time management, game, business, kid, entertaining, trading and so on in our next articles. Leave your comments below as well!