Easyjournal And Babylon Translation

Easyjournal Review

Easyjournal is a free, easy-to-use blog software service for keeping a journal online. Easyjournal is a product of Easyjournal Company. It provides for user to publish a journal or weblog at a designated, personalized website address (http://yourname.easyjournal.com). It also has several community-based features for connecting with other journal writers, soliciting reader feedback, and managing privacy and access restrictions.

User can sign up for free at this blog software website. User can upgrade from Free to Pro to get more features and options.

Easyjournal is for anyone who wishes to keep a weblog journal online. User can use Easyjournal as a private diary just for themselves or a high-traffic public journal.

User can create as many separate journals and journal entries as they like, for FREE.
Easyjournal also have PRO version.

Babylon Translation Software and Dictionaries Review
Babylon Translation Software and Dictionaries is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use translation software available on the market. Babylon Translation Software and Dictionaries is the product of Babylon, Ltd. The software provides solutions for individuals, corporations, and government agencies to translate words and full texts in over 75 languages, or get dictionary definitions from over 1,400 dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias at one simple click.

Features of Babylon Translation Software and Dictionaries:

  • It is easy to install – Users just download and run it.
  • It is easy to use – Users can translate words or text with just one click of a mouse.
  • The software can translate to and from 75 languages.
  • Full Web page translation allows users to translate any web page they want.
  • Full document translation allows users to document in Word, PDF, Text format.
  • The software now Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office Spellers.
  • The software comes up with leading Dictionary Packs like Britannica, OXFORD, Wikipedia and more.