Best iOS Apps Gone Free for October 12th

Craig Cortez


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Here we invite you to find out about the best apps for your iPhone that went free on October 12th. It can be quite challenging to understand what the application is from screenshots and descriptions. So, you have a great chance to try something new without the risk of paying for something you don't like.

Free App on iOS to Try Right Now

Choose the most useful application for you and download it for free. Learn new and get updated helpful pocket tools.

Xtruct Lite

The Xtruct Lite application is a static deflection calculator for steel and concrete beams for mechanical engineering and construction. With it, you can get the design result and diagram in real-time. You can also find out various parameters, including shear force, bending moment, and deflection distance. You will also get access to specialized databases.

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (LawStack's TX Law/Statutes)

This application is quite specific and will not be of interest to everyone, but if you live in Texas or are related to law, it will undoubtedly come in handy. In the Texas Penal Procedure Code 2020 app, you can find all the information you need for free. You'll get convenient navigation through articles and content. One article is located on one page, so you will not get confused.

texas code of criminal procedure app screenshots

Swipe left and right to move from one article to another. You can search for text fragments or headings. It also has a super handy feature, so you never lose information that is important to you. In the application, the user can make bookmarks, which means that you will have to search for the same thing twice.

Easy Spending Expense Tracker LITE

Easy Spending Expense Tracker LITE is another one from the list of apps gone free iOS. With this application, you can easily track your finances. Analyze all of your cash flow between the various accounts that you make yourself for a budget. Thanks to the automatic backup function, the application is safe and prevents the loss of essential data about your finances when changing devices and other circumstances. All data is recoverable. Easy Spending is a great way to save money as it tracks expenses and tells you the main categories.

Get New Useful Apps for Free

These handy apps will make your life easier and save money. Make your job straightforward, study, or track your expenses with these free apps. Share which of the applications were most useful to you in the comments. Subscribe to find out what other applications you can try for free on iOS.